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I'm Suzy

I see the world in moments.  The moment you wrinkle your nose when you laugh.  The moment you receive a tender touch from your husband when you're about to cross the road together.  The moment your child stumbles on a new word in a story book and you make the next sound to help them.  The moment you close your eyes just before your lips meet your lover's.  These moments are what makes life beautiful and I believe they should be treasured.

The photos I love to create are those that focus on the love and connection people share. It's the big emotions in the small moments.  

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a Graduate Diploma in Education, but my passion for photography is innate and my skill is self-taught over many years.  

I was born and raised in Australia, but now residing with my Swiss husband in Basel. I would love the opportunity of meeting you and taking your portrait. 

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