How good is Australia?

...Rhetorical question!

PZ and I took a very welcomed break to Sydney last weekend.  Even though we battled with torrential rain for the most part, it's hard not to see the beauty we have in Australia.  The rain made me appreciate the amazing weather we get in Perth, but the sunshine in New South Wales was utilised well with a trip to Bondi.

We took a leisurely stroll from Bondi Junction to the beach, admiring the pretty streets and local cafes. The people looked relaxed, stylish and typically 'surfer-Australian' with their sun-bleached hair, and tanned skin.   

We stopped in at Panama house - a cosy cafe with the cutest blue cups and saucers. PZ enjoyed a cheesecake milkshake (a bit salty for me, but PZ was a big fan), while I enjoyed a nice pot of chai tea.  The decor matched the style of Bondi - relaxed, beachy and too-cool-for-school - loved the combination of exposed brickwork and subway tiles.  Great atmosphere - pity it was mid-morning and not food time (or wine time).  Check them out here


We then followed a surfer down to the beach and took a few photos. PZ even extended his instagramming skills to a video!  hehe.  The water is a beautiful shade of blue and the land and luxury houses almost hug the water coming into Bondi.  It's easy to see why Bondi is a major tourist attraction.  

bucket list.jpg

We then enjoyed a long lunch at The Bucket List - right on the waterfront.  We both ordered the Fish Burger and shared a cocktail.  Both were amazing!  Fish tasted really fresh and burger wasn't greasy at all. Perfect.   

The decor suited the location - Loved the eroded look of the table,  buckets for cutlery holders, crates for seats and washed-out blue and green tones throughout the decor.  One thing I found a little different was the toilets!  Each cubicle was complete with a small bench covered in fake turf, the toilet, basin and hand dryer.  Interesting set up.   The sign on the other side of the bar read:  "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful".  Find out more about The Bucket List here.

I am so lucky to live in a beautiful country such as this.  The air is clean, the ocean is blue and I am lucky enough to travel across the country to bask in the sun next to a picture perfect view of Bondi.

Bondi Street.jpg
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