I loved that the McGrechan Family brought along their beloved Golden Retriever, Willow.  I loved centering some of the photos around Willow and seeing the family members faces light up!  It was such a natural response and a pleasure to capture on camera.

This shoot was at the versatile UWA grounds, I love it as its a beautiful mix of achitecture, stonework, old trees and greenery.  However, coming into wedding season, it is difficult to use the spaces without a bride in the background!   I think there were about 5 different wedding parties there at once.  Popular spot, hey!?

This weekend, Perth had a smokey haze which wasn't fun to breathe in, but actually gave the photos a misty, magical look. I love every one of the photos, the McGrechan family are lovely people, and I'm so lucky I was able to capture the first professional family portrait in 15 years!