I've seen so many boring corporate photos!  You know the ones - studio backdrop, cheesy actions, fake smile....looks something like these:

Or perhaps you're using a photo thats actually one your friend took when you were at your after-work drinks and you've cropped out the person next to you. After all, you looked relaxed, you were wearing a flattering top and you actually like the photo of yourself.

Well, It could be a nice photo of yourself, but it doesn't give the right impression.  In the corporate world, people want to see a photo where you are the focus, shows the real you, and doesn't look like it's been taken at a social event.  

I specialise in taking professional photos where you look relaxed yet professional and in real surroundings.  In today's world, it is important to look approachable and friendly and this is exactly what i aim to achieve.  Take a look at my latest shoot with Alicia to see how good a corporate photo can be:

_DSC9010 copy.jpg

Corporate photos can be used on LinkedIn, Facebook, on your resume or on your website.  You also receive the hi-resolution files which is handy for magazine or other print media. 

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