I spent Christmas and new year in my new home in Switzerland (before a brief hiatus back in Perth). For an Australian, 15 degrees is pretty chilly and on those cold Perth mornings, 8 degrees is blistering cold! Well, my Aussie wardrobe wasn't really holding up in the Swiss winter.  In December, the temperature barely rose above 1 degree and if it did, it was for half an hour at 3pm, when it got to 3 degrees. 

As cold as it was, Switzerland has a charm about it.  I could look at that icy looking skyline forever (well, maybe if i was out of the wind and cold!). The christmas markets are spectacular. We enjoyed hot roasted salmon in bread rolls while looking at the stalls.  Enjoyed Gluhwein at crowded tables - everyone out enjoying themselves. I was sad to see it all packed down after christmas.  Nevertheless, I will be waiting for the next christmas markets to return!

Here are my favourite photos i took of our wintertime in Switzerland.