This sweet family shoot has stayed on my mind for quite a while. They have a beautiful home in Oberägeri, Switzerland that overlooks the beautiful Ägerisee and mountains. Their home was nice and bright but cosy and full of love. And Ursi is one home decorator! Just beautiful! We took the photos in their home and then finished the shoot walking back to the town and lake.

I really love these home shoots as they really show life how it is… comfy clothes, in your own home, just spending quality time with each other doing the things you do every day - snacks, reading books, lazing on the couch and going for walks in the park. I’ve put soo many photos from the shoot up here because i just can’t narrow it down any more! But i hope this gives you a great glimpse in what sort of images to expect after a home shoot.

P.S.Anyone thats had a shoot with me generally knows i see famous people in my clients all the time and couldn’t stop seeing Kaley Cuoco in the gorgeous Ursi, What do you think?