Carla has a talent for creating visual feasts for the eyes - with flowers, invitations and styling - so i was absolutely ecstatic when she asked me to take some pictures of her to remember her pregnancy. I love that we have the same taste in style and picture taking and I think we really make a good team working together to create some beautiful images. So its no surprise i absolutely adore these photos - they’re light, soft, feminine and oh so dreamy.

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with beautiful maternity pictures - as they really do speak to how incredible the journey is. How a woman’s body can nurture a tiny cell by growing a whole new organ to sustain and give energy and love to grow a whole new person. However, unlike the photos, the whole pregnancy journey is not all pretty dresses, perfect hair and flowers - its an up and down mix of emotions, lack of comfort, a whole host of weird body changes and a flurry of medical appointments but it’s really not as fun to look at those pictures! haha. While i whole-heartedly believe in, and love creating these maternity pictures (every pregnant woman needs to bask in the beauty of her body’s capabilities), I need to remind every pregnant woman out there feeling ‘less than’ (me, right now!) - that all pregnant women feel the lows and the highs. We need to sit with those lows (and know we have the strength to get through them) but we should damn-well celebrate those highs and thats what i try and do with maternity shoots!