I had the pleasure of taking photos of fellow photographer Caroline and her lovely partner John last weekend.  They have a beautiful apartment in Basel - lots of light coming in with large windows and so homely with their eclectic and creative style.  Their window sill is lined with cacti, plants and treasures, there's art all over the walls and books galore - it gives me all the heart eyes!  

There's something I love about photographing people in their own home - people are more comfortable, its more personal and the outcome is more customised to them meaning the images will tell more of a story.  I think Caroline & John's photos show how much love they have for one another - the way they look at each other, how they hold hands and the laughs they share.  They've been with each other for 13 years - I think everyone hopes to still share this sort of connection to their loved ones after so long. <3

In-home sessions is something I want to do much more of in 2018.  If you want some images like this - contact me to book in!