This session, is of course, very close to my heart as it features some of my favourite people! This is my sister, her husband Shane and my niece Caitlin, and nephew Lachlan.  I was also lucky enough to style this shoot and choose a gorgeous location, so I went with the beach and chose all the outfits (except Shanes') from Rylee and Cru - they have the most gorgeous clothes.. I can't get enough!  

I love this session because it was all just in the moment - there was lots of laughing, cuddles, dancing, picking up shells, making patterns in the sand... and my niece might have shed a few tears because she was suddenly scared of waves...  (expect the unexpected with 4 year olds!)

I am so proud of this work, and feel like this result comes about with less posing, and more natural lovely moments.  I would love to shoot more unposed sessions - please get in touch if you would like me to capture a special session for you.