I know we’re already over 2 weeks into the new year but i’ve been taking things at a leisurely pace. It’s been a pretty good start to the New Year. On January 1st, I told the world (or maybe just my followers) that i’m pregnant. I’m nearly half way now and it’s kind of scary how fast the time goes. I was pretty sick in the 1st trimester but now that it’s calmed down i can enjoy it a bit more - Like seeing the baby wave to us on the ultrasound, the little bubble kicks i’m feeling and browsing the internet for cute little clothes and nursery items. I know that soon my tummy will grow uncomfortably big so i’m trying to enjoy the now while things are great.

We had an awesome session with Amanda Joy Photography (fellow Basel Photographer - Thank you Amanda!) at the christmas markets. I used these pictures to give to our family’s and announce our pregnancy. Here are my faves:

I’ve had time to organise our home a bit (Marie Kondo anyone!?) and set some goals for the year - even though that’s probably naive given we will be first time parents and people always underestimate the challenges that will bring. But all in all, I’m feeling good about 2019.

Photography-wise, I’m hoping to explore video - taking on a few clients at a discounted rate while I build my portfolio. I want my sessions to really focus in on family and motherhood and how precious and fleeting time can feel. I want to freeze time for you so instead of saying ‘don’t grow up’ to your littlies, you can continue to enjoy every day knowing you’ve captured this time in their (and your) life. Feeling free to revisit these beautiful memories any time you want. If you’re interested in a family film or photography. Please get in touch, I’d love to work with you!

I’ll be blogging a little more about my own journey to motherhood, some material things like the ultra cute baby items and some more reflective thoughts on this shift in my life. Having a baby is this weird mixture of feeling terrified and excited but for me, an overwhelming sense of being ready for this new chapter. I know i’m not the first person to have a baby, but I feel this is a great place to share what i’m learning along this road. So stay tuned if you want, and if you’re not interested, it’s okay for you to just scroll by!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2019 and I hope you are all taking the time to capture your life so it won’t forgotten! Treasure the good times.