I’m continually finding awesome stuff on the web that I thought i would share with you each month! These are my new discoveries for January! Feel free to drop me a comment with the best thing you’ve found in January - could be art, a recipe, a new clothing piece, a book… whatever! Please note that the images in my favourite things are not my own and belong to the companies with products i’m featuring.


Morgan Harper Nichols poetry - Think I might add some of her words to baby’s nursery.


Shameless Podcast - these girls are my favourites to listen to while photo editing. My sister got me on to them (thanks Beth!) and I love listening to the familiar aussie accent to make me feel i’m not so far from home.

This song - Gives me old TLC vibes. Happy place.


How gorgeous are these coffee cups from It’s a Public Holiday. It’s funny how now that I DON’T live in Australia, I seem to only find things from Australia that I love. Why is that? Am I sub-conciously drawn to products aussie-made? Hmm…. jury’s out.

its a public holiday.png
public holiday.png

I absolutely adore Design Love Fest and lately she’s really gotten into food and making fresh, tasty colourful food - the type of food I like to eat!! I’m on a lower carb diet right now to keep my blood sugar controlled, and I came across this delicious chopped salad which still has plenty of yummy fats and protein in it.



Susukoshi Clothing - again, Australian brand, but couldn’t resist picking up a couple of their gorgeous Terry Towel onsies.


Alma babycare - beautiful organic bodycare for mothers and babies. Love their packaging too.

Maybe it’s the hormones, but I can’t stop gushing over these baby headbands at Little Daisy Dot. No… pretty sure i’d still find these absolutely adorable without the pregnancy hormones!


Currently reading “Expecting Better” by Emily Oster. She talks a lot about the specifics on all the rules you have to abide by in pregnancy - breaking down the real risks of these seemingly arbitrary rules such as “you cannot eat sushi in pregnancy”. etc. It’s a pretty good resource for those wanting a bit more explanation when your medical professionals don’t really explain it to you.