I'm so excited to share this session!  Oliwia and Jose were such a joy to photograph at the University Botanical Gardens.  They're kind, gorgeous people (inside and out), and their love is infectious and oh-so-romantic.  It was touch and go whether we could shoot that day due to rain, but ended up going for it.  As I waited for them at the gardens, a storm showed up over head and I took for cover in the cactus greenhouse.  There I discovered how beautiful the light was while cloudy and knew we had to head back in there for some shots.  

Oliwia is a talented piano player regularly travelling back to Poland for performances, and Jose stars on a telenovela show in Guatemala!  Okay, maybe he isn't but i said he should be with his looks.  Speaking of Jose's looks, once it was pointed out to me that he looks like Roger Federer i couldn't un-see it!  Check out the photos below and see for yourself!