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The best gift you can give your kids


The best gift you can give your kids

Hi Super-mums!

You know better than anyone, how quickly the time passes.  It feels like yesterday that you spent hours just staring into your precious newborns eyes.  You’ve been excited for them to grow up while at the same time wishing for time to stop so you can enjoy them at this age a little while longer. 


In the pursuit of the perfect childhood for you kids, you’re tirelessly and selflessly making it happen. You’re up late at night sewing sequins on to ballet costumes, you’re cutting out shapes in their sandwiches to make mealtimes fun, you cave and spend another 20 minutes pushing your child on the swing because they keep shouting ‘more!’, you’re reading multiple storybooks before bedtime and you’re kissing their scraped knees to stop the tears.  Your little ones rarely notice in the moment how much work it is to give them this adventure-filled and beautiful childhood, and that’s okay.

It wasn’t until I was an adult, looking back on my childhood photographs that I said to my mum:

 ‘I don’t know how you did it all!’. 

My wonderful memories aren’t of my mother putting in all the effort, but they are because my mum put the effort in! Toasting marshmallows on family camping trips, getting to wear sparkly costumes for dance concerts, and collecting freshly-laid eggs from our chicken pens.  I remember my mum making a ‘pouch’ out of a sweater so us kids could hold and feed our baby kangaroo - Yes, i am that Australian.  These were the days that I had not a care in the world - our days were filled with adventure, fun and opportunity.


These photographs, that hold all these special memories (even the ones I was too young to remember) are priceless and if I take good care of them, they will last even longer than me.  After my care-free childhood, my childhood photos are the most precious gift my parents have given me.

So much love goes into giving your child a great childhood and I know you are pouring in all your time, effort and love into doing just that -  but you can leave the capturing of that love and those memories to me.  My ‘Real Sweet Life’ sessions capture the moments that sometimes go uncelebrated and I will make it easy on you - I’ll join you for a morning where you don’t need to get all dressed up, or make your house look like a show-home, you can even carry out your normal daily routine of breakfast, walks in the park, story-time and naps.  I will document all the beautiful, small moments that happen every day.  It will reflect the crazy, beautiful, love-filled family you have and will be the same images that your kids look back on one day and say

‘Mum, I don’t know how you did it all!’


Let’s capture your Real Sweet Life together!  You can find out more and book your session HERE.

Love Suzy

P.s.  The photos in this post are some of my treasured memories from my own childhood!