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Product review: IXXI

We haven't lived in our new place long - it's coming up to a year now, and I'm only just getting around to getting some art on the wall!  We only took one special art piece by talented Shirley Fisher (pictured below) which also reminds me of beautiful Western Australia.  

ixxi me-2.jpg

I ordered a couple of prints from Society 6 (which haven't been hung yet) and I was looking for some affordable ways to hang some of my own photographs.  Don't get me wrong - I think spending the money on quality prints and frames is SO worth every penny, however I am the worst decision maker when it comes to hanging pictures, so was looking for something that looks great and doesn't break the bank, easy to hang and arrives quickly (as we're having guests in our house in April.  That's when I stumbled across IXXI.  

Ixxi is a dutch company which prints your photos (or one of their stock images) into small 20x20cm squares which can be clipped together using plastic to create big pieces of art. You can choose to have one image spread across multiple squares, or individual pictures for each square to create a collage/instagrammy feel. I took the plunge and designed and ordered a 140cm x 100cm piece using my own photos....  Here's the result:

ixxi me-4.jpg

In case any of you were wanting to order you own, I wanted to share my thoughts on this products.  First with the downsides:

  • The print quality wasn't fantastic.   It has an option to use instagram photos and I actually used a couple from my instagram (to save me the heartache of trying to find the originals on my hard drive). I first thought it was because of this that the quality wasn't great.  However 70% of these photos were high resolution from my DSLR camera and the quality was still terrible.  It looks as though they have over sharpened the images.  Close-up it bothers me, but from a distance you can't tell too much.  My husband said he thought it looked fine and that I only notice it because i'm a photographer.  Maybe, but still I expected a bit better quality print.  
  • The way you hang it up is relatively straight-forward and is pretty 'DIY'.  It probably took me about 40 minutes to put it together and hang. Putting the pictures on the clips was easy with the tool they provide, however there is a step where you have to put the clips on a clear piece of plastic tape.  The tool didn't work for this (as the plastic bends) and it really hurt my fingers to get it on without the tool.  

As for what i did like?

  • The overall effect is quite cool.  I love that you can create big pieces of art that has impact and is really affordable for the size.  
  • I love that you can swap out some tiles and get new ones printed. This would be great for a family where you want to replace family pictures with new/different ones.  
  • The price - I complain about the print quality and that it was a little difficult to set up, however for the price (I paid about 120 euro), I understand the quality might not be as good as I hoped.  It is very affordable and a good option for many.  
ixxi me-5.jpg
ixxi me-1-2.jpg

Just in case you were wondering - this post isn't sponsored!  Just wanted to share my experience with this product!  Have you got an IXXI?   Let me know how you like it below.