While we were in Perth, we stumbled across the coolest barber shop in the Treasury buildings! I have to say i've always wanted to take pictures of Patrick in a cool old-school barber shop, so I seized the opportunity to tag along and take some pictures.  Luckily the staff there at 'Ugly Men's' were super nice and let me click away.  I loved everything about the shop, the magazines(I thought it was quite coincidental that the monocle magazine they had on display was featuring Switzerland!), the clippers and tools all laid out, the whiskey bottles, the red brick, the deers head (although totally hoping it's not real), and the fact that they made this simple act of getting your hair and beard tended to an awesome experience. This would be a great treat for all the exhausted dad's out there who need a bit of pampering.  I also thought what a great location it is (right next to Como Treasury Hotel) for grooms to head there before their wedding - it would make such cool shots right!?

Anyway... I wanted to share with you the pics I took of Patrick while getting his beard trimmed. I love that these photos capture something ordinary... going to the barber, but the location has made it a bit special.  I can just imagine us going through these photos when we're old and grey (maybe with our future children) and pointing out how brown his hair was, thinking how dated the decor was, or just marvelling about what cool people we were! hehe.