I get asked a lot about the best places in Switzerland to go for a visit, so I thought i'd write a reference page of the places i've gone and my thoughts!


Basel skyline, city boat and the ferris wheel of the Autumn Fair.

Basel skyline, city boat and the ferris wheel of the Autumn Fair.

Top of the list has to be my hometown.  I love Basel because it feels a bit like my other hometown, Perth. One of the bigger cities in Switzerland, but not too touristy, but still very beautiful.  I love the history of this city and when I walk past the pretty buildings and see the dates of the buildings I imagine all the people over the last centuries that have walked the same streets.  Basel has a lot of events running through the year - Fasnacht, Art Basel, Autumn Fair and Christmas Markets.  I recommend a walk by the Rhine, visiting one of the many museums, riding on the wooden city boats, buying a pretzel, sausage or gelato.  Of course - it's always a great idea to remember your Basel visit with a gorgeous city photoshoot with yours truly! :-) 

Basel Highlights

  • Rhine Cityboat
  • Museums such as Fondation Beyeler, Tinguely, Paper Mill
  • Münster & Rhine views
  • Events such as Fasnacht, Art Basel, Autumn Fair, Christmas Markets


largemontreux sunset.jpg
Chateau de Chillon

Chateau de Chillon

Montreux is a beautiful town on the Lake Geneva (also known as Lake Léman).  My favourite part of Montreux is you can walk right along the lake on a beautiful pathway that's lined with flowers.  Chateau de Chillon is a picturesque medieval fortress which juts out into the lake - which is so picture perfect if you're looking to take some pictures. 

The town is quite small and we didn't really do much in the city - we really just go there to absorb the beautiful views!  You can easily catch a tram/bus to the nearby town of Vevey or bigger town, Lausanne.  Vevey has the nestle museum which was a really interesting visit!  You can also pose with the big fork art piece in the lake (see pic). 

Montreux is also home to the Montreux Jazz festival (usually at the end of June) which runs for a few days with big names.  It also has a very popular christmas market which we're yet to visit... maybe this year!

Montreux Highlights:

  • Chateux de Chillon
  • Walks along the lake
  • Day trip to Vevey, Lausanne or the vineyards (UNESCO site)
  • Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Christmas Markets



Surprisingly, even though I live an hour away in Basel, I haven't spent a great deal of time in Zurich - only passing through to go to the airport.  However of the time I've spent there, i loved the old town area and also visited the Swiss National Museum which was great.   We also stayed at an awesome hotel - 25 hours.  It was super trendy and also lent out bicycles for you to use to get around the city.  Highly recommended. 

The Christmas markets in Zurich were really great too - so if you're around at that time of year you should get to Zurich (or Basel or Montreux) 











Events - desalpe, fasnacht, christmas markets

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